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TJS finances the second printing of the Red Data Books of endangered plants and animals in the Republic of Armenia

In addition to a high quality hard copy publication, TJS develops an interactive website database, in order to offer an easy access to information about the red-listed flora and fauna of Armenia to the general public. The launch of the website, managed by MoNP, is expected to be around June 2012. Furthermore the database will also be available on DVD.

Support to the Ministry of Nature Protection in Armenia

TJS sent out support to the Ministry of Nature Protection in Armenia in form of a technical expert, who supports the Ministry in streamlining its procedures with CNF requirements in order to obtain and manage grants for operational costs of Protected Areas.
Every day the expert, Mr. Erik Grigoryan, provides valuable hands-on support to initiate and organize the implementation of a 5-item support package:

  1. Hands-on support to MoNP and PAs to help get rid of the back-log for a period of not more than 9 months
  2. Administrative and financial procedures and formats will be amended to allow for easy application, closely related to national procedures as well as with CNF basic requirements, without jeopardizing quality (to be completed by September 2011).
  3. A training programme on the application of CNF related procedures for a wide range of staff officers at all levels involved (PA managers, officers and staff of MoNP); the programme will be developed and implemented by TJS between September 2011 and January 2012, thus assuring professional sustainability throughout the region
  4. The training material used and perfected during the implementation of the training programme, as well as the experiences gained during the hands-on support period will provide useful ingredients for the development of country specific CNF grant fund operational manuals.
  5. At the end of the “hands-on support”, with procedures refined, and staff trained, the PAs and Ministry will apply all procedures of grant application and management themselves, however with coaching support still available from TJS, for about one year. This coaching support will be gradually reduced and replaced by a helpdesk to assist in case of emergencies.

Diversity and Conservation of the Fauna of the Caucasus

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Nature Protection, the Armenian ‘Scientific Centre of Zoology and Hydroecology of the National Academy of Sciences’ organized an international conference on the topic of the ‘Diversity and conservation of the fauna of the Caucasus’.
Participants from other Caucasus Nations attended as well and contributed valuable insights.
TJS provided financial support when it came to printing of Conference publication and materials.


Further TJS activities in Armenia

  1. Testing financial participatory approach (FPA) in Shikahogh within the context of the KfW “Open programme” in Armenia
  2. Financial support to the “International Conference on Diversity and Conservation of the fauna of the Caucasus” of the Armenian Scientific Centre of the Zoology and Hydro ecology of the National Academy of Science
  3. Funding of the International Conference on the Europe Certificate of Khosrov National Park
  4. Funding of the visibility study for the reintroduction of red deer in Armenia